This is a website showing images I’ve done over the course of some 55 years. It contains most of my favorite images and represents about 1/2 my art work produced over that time.

I was born in East Virginia in 1944. My youth was mostly spent in a suburb of Washington, D.C. I had leisure time for walks in the woods, fly-fishing and building hot rods at my father’s machine shop in Alexandria, Virginia. At fifteen I obtained a driver’s license and engaged with mobility.

I’d developed a love of drawing and painting as a child. Living a 15 cent bus ride from the National Museum, Phillips Collection and Smithsonian Institute was very important to me. I began art studio studies at George Washington University after high school, but could not meet the finances required to study at the Corcoran School of Art.

So, I chose the route of many working class youth by joining the Marine Corps working as a radio transmitter technician for three years then using GI Bill veteran’s money to fund an education. Both my BA and MA Degrees were completed at San Jose State University. Then came twenty years full-time studio work and part-time teaching. I’ve now retired from teaching and am a Professor Emeritus of Art, Painting and Drawing from San Francisco State University. I’ve had the privilege to work, in the Art Department at SFSU, with students much as I was at their age. They predominately came to art out of obsession, fascination, and for no practical reason! They had something to say.

I am a Narrative artist who has been most fortunate in finding gallery and collector support, and many reputable venues in which to exhibit. My pictures are exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, but I remain rooted in the Northern California, Southern Oregon and Western Nevada area that my wife and I call home. I continue to enjoy the people around here and the active and ever-changing arts community.
My ongoing interest in things Narrative, Visionary, Magically Realistic and Socially Surrealistic, continues not out of choice but out of compulsive inquiry into how to resolve the question “what if” within the context of a handmade picture.