Paul Image

This is a website to show images done over the course of 50 years. It contains most of my favorite images and represents about 1/2 the art work I’ve done during that time. It is broken into decades starting in the 1960’s and progressing in ten year increments to the 2010’s. There is a statement, a complete resume and some reviews as well as many images.

The images are the important element. These images generally don’t follow in series, but are arranged chronologically within the galleries. Each piece is meant to provide some emblematic food for thought — although the style, media and intention differs from piece to piece. The ideas and images do not move in a linear progression. However, they have an individual presence that is in reoccurring cadence with some of the other works.

Though there is no substitute for viewing the actual painting (the light moving through the paint, the presence), I hope people enjoy looking at the pictures in this format.

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